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[19 Sep 2007|02:04am]
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[17 Apr 2007|12:30am]

this was so good.
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[11 Apr 2007|01:43pm]
seeing henry rollins on my birthday with aj and maria.... can't get any more awesome than that. janeane garofalo was soo funny. laughing till my stomach hurts is always a good thing. going to brooklyn after and walking around and eating at anytime was nice.

maria and i have the coolest birthday week. this weekend should be lots of fun too.
zombie prom friday at purchase. saturday marias birthday. henry again? last call brawl? whatever maria ends up doing.
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[10 Apr 2007|03:05am]
it's my birthday and it doesn't seem like it at all. oh well.
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[13 Mar 2007|12:59am]
sitting on the train
going to nyc
see you sittin there
don't you be looking back to me

face to face
face to face
see you looking back at me

don't stress me out
stress me out
just turn your head and shut your mouth

its getting real quiet
you don't seem to stop
maybe theres another train
that we could try to hop

soon we'll be in our nyc
hearing real music
not the shit that you lead

face to face
face to face
see you looking back at me

don't stress me out
stress me out
just turn your head and shut your mouth

we're about to stop
i gotta leave
get up and run
before my ears bleed

we're all in a hurry
we're all a getting ticked
watch out for that gap
or you'll get your face nicked

face to face
face to face
see you looking back at me

don't stress me out
stress me out
just turn your head and shut your mouth!

don't sress me out
stress me out
just turn your head and shut your mouth

is it bad that i make myself laugh
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[05 Mar 2007|01:17am]
tonight was seriously such a awesome show.

rabia wasn't too bad basically the same style and everything as the casualties. got everyone going. really crowded.

the ghouls were a lot better than when we saw them open for the business at cbgbs last year. i guess maybe because everyone was pretty much into them this time?

the casualties were great. soooooo many people. was crushed against the stage but had a lot of fun. not a ton of annoying people besides these two girls who were head banging like morons. i should definitely be on their dvd since i was right up front and the guy with the camera was right in front of me. aj was crowd surfing over my head and got on stage during tomorrow belongs to us. i climbed up stage where some kid kept falling and made be kinda fall over once i got up i was getting pushed off stage so i jumped into the crowd and lost my shoe crowd surfing. there wasn't a way i could find it becuase it was in t he middle of the pit. i got out of the pit and went by jimmy shoeless. i needed to get my shoe so i went back over into the pit in hope of finding it. it was their last song so once they stopped i quickly was looking around for my shoe before they came back out. i was so happy once when i found it. the casualties came back out i grabbed jimmy and told him we were going on stage. haha. it was so hard to get up because it was their last song and everyone was trying to get up. i managed to get halfway up when everyone stopped helping me. haha. finally i got up right at the end of the song. haha i have good timing.

this was definitely the best time i've seen the casualties.

oh man. when we got to the canal subway a train was there with the doors open aj ran in and the doors started to shut there was no way i could of got in or jimmy. aj put his hand out and it wouldn't open the doors shut all the way and aj went off in the train by him self. hahahaha oh man it was so funny yet terrible at the same time. jimmy and i were stuck at canal as aj rode off. haha. as the door shut i yelled to aj "GET OFF AT THE FIRST STOPPP!" doubt he heard me though. so jimmy and i waited the Q train kept coming but aj went off on the n. so we figured we were better off waiting for the n in case the Q didn't stop at wherever aj got off.
so finally the N train comes jimmy and i get on we were stopping at the first stop where i saw we passed aj standing so we jumped off and yelled "AJ" so he wouldn't get on. hahah oh man. good thing we found him there or that would of SUCKED.
yeah after that we got to penn station fine. hahah oh man. i'll never forget that. or ajs face when the train doors shut and the train started moving. hahahahhaha

i was so disgustingly sweaty. i'm probably gonna wake up tomorrow feeling even sicker than i did today. woo....

oh and the black guy singing on the train on the way to the city ruled... "FACE TO FACE ha ha DON'T STRESS ME OUT"
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[16 Feb 2007|08:55pm]
i want to go see world/inferno friendship society again!!

i'm about to pass out. awesomeee.
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[11 Feb 2007|04:46am]
world/inferno friendship society are so much fun. put on such a fun show.

almost thought we were gonna miss them which would of been terrible.

i think aj, maria, and i saw like 5 million different people performing in about 5 million different subways.
my plan on trying not to walk outside in the cold didn't work out as i hoped. since the lines were a little different at the one station we needed to get to.
ran down this little hill in whatever subway station. haven't ran that fast in i don't know how long. fun.

finally got to bowery ballroom right when world/inferno was setting up all their stuff. awesome.

met two guys from the bronx.

world/inferno came on. had lots of fun with that. such an awesome live band. even put my camera way after a couple of songs. i love seeing them. they should of headlined. they rule end of story.

met jack terricloth. weird but awesome man.

lifetime came on. not so great. crowd started to suck. maria and i had fun with it. went in the pit and danced stupidly and did whatever. tried to get into them wasn't really happening but i had fun anways!

made friends with the securtiy in the subway because maria and aj left me after they got their tickets. crazy people. hahahah

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[12 Jan 2007|05:36am]
i am so completely uninspired to do anything with art right now.
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[29 Dec 2006|07:53am]
i don't even know what to say but nothing can top seeing the bouncing souls. nothing makes me happier and it's awesome.

tonights show ruled. best time i've seen the bouncing souls period. they sounded the best they ever have. barricades suck but in the middle of the set i was able to escape and ended up sneaking up onto stage with three other kids while the security guards were pulling some moron out of the crowd. sang with bryan during true believers amazinggggggg.
stupid me left my zoom on and when i was taking the piccture of bryan and i he was all smiling with me for the picture and yeah it just our mouths. so then whatever sang with the two kids i got onto stage with on bryans mic until bryan came back over for the chorus and i went to get a better picture and the security guard comes up and starts pulling us all off so bryan yelling "WHAT THE FUCK LET THEM BE" but the security guard didn't care. i got a bad picture and got off. stayed infront of the barricade. where this girl and i were trying to get the security guard infront of us sitting on the stage to get into it. so we were singing in his face he was laughing at us and then during one song where there is clapping we got him to clap hahah he loved it.

gregs wife shanti came over and sat on the stage right next to me so i was talking to her. she really is the nicest and sweetest person i've ever met. she got all excited when i told her i saw her at warped tour. she had her little nephew with her. the souls had such a long set so she was telling me everytime they went off stage that they were gonna come back out and what song they were gonna do it was awesome. haha i had my camera and she was like ooh let me have your camera i'll get them to come over here and i'll get them to take funny pictures!! so i gave it to her she took like one picture and my camera died.

the souls set was amazing. they played a million songs. greg sang say anything acoustic amazing. they also played moon over asbury that was cool. did a ton of stuff off maniacal laughter that was awesome.
they came out to bruce springsteen born to run. haha i love that song. they ended with for all the unheard definitely was cool/different.

world/inferno friendship society came on before the souls. i forgot just how awesome they were. their fans are insane. they're a lot of fun. some how got fake blood on me. jack terricloth is out of his mind but one of the best frontmen. he jumped out into the crowd at the end of the set and everyone was all JACK LETS HUG!

world/infernos playing saturday why am i working.

the first band that played was some school of rock. so it was all little kids. it was um interesting but i give them credit. this tiny little girl who had to be like 5 at most sang a song. hahhaha
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