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who i am, who i was

and who i wanna be

10 April
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"all we had were our dreams, thats all we needed to be free"

"picture this
you're walking down a long hallway
on the walls are many pictures
pictures of people you know
pictures of yourself
all the good times
they taunt you with their silent stares
they start to talk to you all at once
you walk faster, trying to get away
it doesn't matter how fast you walk, the pictures won't stop
you recognize the faces the places, the times, all the things you were
all the things you were thinking
you hear yourself say:
i love you, i'm never going to die, i want to kill myself
you can't escape your life
you scream, you want to be someone else, something else
someone without a face, without a name
someone that never knew anyone, who never felt the pain
someone that didn't have to exist all the time
your history becomes your enemy
you run, you fall exhausted
but in your ears and eyes
the times that will never leave and never come back
they all come crashing in on you
your body feels like a prison
you start to drown in yourself
where to now?"
-Henry Rollins